Project Details

Foster’s the major Australian owned international beverage company were seeking a better understanding of how their Penfolds products, particularly the top rated Grange, were perceived internationally and whether those perceptions may have set constraints on the products to perform at premium price points. To gain a better understanding of the issue Two Heads members were asked to consider the terms outlined in the venn diagram and discuss their meaning within their cultures and regions.

All attending members presented detailed reports highlighting the results of their brand surveillance and their insights into the Penfolds competitive positions in their respective markets.  Following the presentation to Penfolds marketing management both parties participated in a creative workshop with outcomes varying from the re-alignment of the brand architecture and the visual segmentation into retail channels to the strengthening of the emotional side of the brand personality through increased off-bottle support and storytelling.

  • Client: De Ökö Melkburen
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development