We believe that collaboration drives innovation and ultimately… success. The Two Heads team works together to create solutions that challenge the typical notion of design.


Developing and delivering innovative solutions for national and international brands. The Two Heads team works together to provide outcomes for our clients that are a little bit outside of the box.


Collaborative, passionate, inspired, design driven solutions for real world problems. It‘s about sharing, listening, understanding and solving… we believe that Two Heads are better than one.


Two Heads is a team of professionals, ranging from all corners of the globe, who possess a unique perspective towards design. We like to collaborate, we’re passionate and always inspired, driving innovative design solutions for real world problems. It‘s about sharing, listening, understanding and solving, using design to deliver previously unimagined ideas… Two Heads are always better than one.

Made in … Hamburg, Melbourne, Mexico City, Stockholm, Tokyo


"For me, design is more than a pretty shape: Successful design creates an emotional access to the brand and the product."


Our Team

"Sometimes it is more effective to tell a simple, memorable story than a complex, forgettable one."


"Continuous innovation should be a strategic objective of all enterprises that are willing to add value to their mission and increase profits. Design thinking is the driving force for innovation. Design is not only about aesthetics, it is about a complex and permanent thinking process."

Laura Medina Mora, BrandLab


Brand Design

Brand Design

Company & product naming, logo design, corporate identity, brand development, brand activation and brand guidelines development for retail, corporate and the public sector.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Attention grabbing creative concepts for food, beverages, fmcg, luxury goods, pharmacy and hardware including structural design in glass, plastic, metal and folding cardboard.



Bringing retail and corporate brands to life through print, on-line media, promotions, retail merchandising and signage systems.

Product Design

Product Design

Concept design and product development, detailed engineering design, prototyping, production documentation, tooling procurement and tooling & production management.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Retail & commercial interior design, exhibition design, installation design, pop-up & event design, product launches and brand activation.

"Our passion for creativity is fed by the challenge of communicating the way the world functions today, rather than how it once did."

Ludvig Bouveron, Lupo


Mexico 2018

This year we returned to Mexico around the time of the traditional ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations and spent time in Mexico City and Oaxaca making the most of the unique culture and amazing cuisine on offer.
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Shanghai 2016

Our most recent summit was held in early October in China’s marvellous, ever changing city of Shanghai.

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Melbourne 2014

The annual Two Heads summit brought members together in Melbourne, voted one of the world’s most liveable city.

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New York 2013

This last summit took place in the fast changing Meatpacking district of New York City.

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Berlin 2012

The annual summit was held in the impressive Münzsalon in the edgy Mitte district of Berlin.

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Tokyo 2011

This years summit brought us all to the amazing metropolis of modern Tokyo and what better location to discuss and explore the concept of cooperation.

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Melbourne 2009

Two Heads members separately conducted brand audits in their local markets prior to travelling to Melbourne to present their views and marketplace research into the concept of Australia, luxury and the Penfolds brand.

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"Good design comes from understanding the complexity of organisations and exceeding expectations for creative opportunities."

Koichiro Kikuchi, Shian

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